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  • Kubernetes Use Persistent Storage

    It’s necessary to use external storage if you’d like to use Persistent Data. For exmaple, Create a Pod with mounting external storage which is mapp...

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  • kubernetes-create-pods

    根据前一篇文章,安装好kubernetes集群,集群正常在运行,下面开始创建pods吧! 你可以选择,从github下载kubernetes源码,切换到kubernetes/examples/guestbook参考 官网文档 搭建一个完整的应用来验证集群的基本功能。 1 2 ...

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  • kubernetes-cluster-install

    Install Kubernetes which is the Orchestration System for Docker Containers. For example, Configure Kubernetes Cluster with 1 Admon Node and 3 Contain...

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